ircII help - basics

Irc is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting network. It allows

people all over the internet to talk to one another in real-time.

Each irc user has a nickname they use. All communication with

another user is either by nickname or by the channel that they or

you are on. All IRCII commands begin with a / character.

Anything that does not begin with a / is assumed to be a message

that is sent to everyone on your channel. Here is a list of

basic commands to help you get started:

    /list Lists all current irc channels, number of

users, and topic.

    /names Shows the nicknames of all users on each


    /join <channel> Join the named channel. All non-commands

you type will now go to everyone on that


    /msg <nick> Sends a private message to the specified

person. Only the specified nickname will

see this message.

    /nick Change your nickname

    /quit Exits irc.

    /help <topic> Gets help on all IRCII commands.

    /who <channel> Shows who is on a given channel,

including nickname, user name and host,

and realname.

    /whois <nick> Shows the "true" indentity of someone

These commands should get you started on irc. Use the /help

command to find out more about things on irc, or ask someone...

most would be happy to help you out.

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