ircII help - help

Usage: HELP [<command> []]

  Shows help on the given command. The help documentation is   set up in a hierarchical fashion. That means that certain   help topics have sub-topics under them. For example, doing     HELP ADMIN   gives help on the admin command, while:     HELP SET   gives help on the set command and also displays a list of   sub-topics for set. To get help on the subtopics, you would   do:     HELP SET <subtopic>   where <subtopic> is one of the subtopics. If you are using the   built in help, then you need only type the subtopic name. The   input prompt will indicate what help level you are on. Hitting   return will move you up one level.

  At any time, you can specify a ? to get a list of subtopics   without the associated help file, for example:     HELP ?   gives a list of all main help topics. The following:     HELP BIND ?   gives the list of all bind subtopics. If you use a ? with   a topic that has no subtopics, you will simply get the   standard help file for that topic.

Note:   Case is unimportant even when viewing the lower case   filenames such as 'newuser' or 'intro'.

See Also:   intro

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