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Usage: ICB <command> []

  ICB command interface. The /ICB command gives access to   every command that ICB has. Note that many ICB functions   are implemented as messages to the server, those are not   included in the above list of ``ICB commands.''

  ICB is:

  The support ICB commands are listed as follows:      public - send a public message to your group      msg - send a private message      topic - set or see the group topic      pass - pass moderator status to another user      boot - boot a user from a group      invite - invite a user to a group      cancel - cancel an invitation      group - change group      nick - change nickname      beep - annoy someone      echo - set or see echoback      status - set or see group status      version - see server version      who - list users logged into ICB server

  The "public <text>" command send to the group   as a public message.

  The "msg <who> " command sends to the user   or other being <who> as a private message.

  The "topic [<new>]" command will get the current topic   if <new> is not given, or attempt to set the topic to   <new> if it is given.

  The "pass <user>" command will pass group moderator to   the specified <user>.

  The "boot <user>" command will boot (kick) the specified   <user> out of the group. Only works for the moderator.

  The "invite <user>" command invites the specified   to the group.

  The "cancel <user>" command cancels a previous invitation   to the specified <user>.

  The "group <new>" command changes your group to .

  The "nick <new>" changes your nickname to .

  The "beep <user>" command annoys the specified .

  The "echo <cmd>" command sets the echoback to either   "on", "off" or "verbose". Public messages are returned   in "on" and "verbose" modes, and private messages are   returned in the "verbose" mode.

  The "status [<new>]" command sets or gets the group   status. See /s_help for more details.

  The "version" command queries the current server views.

  The "who [<args>]" command lists logged in users in this   or other groups, depending on the <args> value. See   /s_help for more details.

See Also:   load/icb   server

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