ircII help - ignore

Usage: IGNORE [<nick>] [-|+|^][]

       IGNORE [<user@host>] [-][]

  The standard form of IGNORE allows you to specify which type of   messages you wish to ignore from a user. The message type   parameter can be one of the following:     MSGS All MSGs received     NOTICES All NOTICEs received     PUBLIC All normal channel conversation     INVITES All INVITEs received     WALLOPS All WALLOPS received     NOTES All NOTEs received     CTCP All CTCPs received     CRAP Anything else     ALL All of the above message types     NONE No message types

  You can ignore by nickname or by specifying a userid@hostname   format. Wildcards may be used in all formats. You can specify   multiple types of messages to ignore on the command line.   Preceeding a type with a - indicates removal of ignoring of   that type of message. For example:     ignore BigCheese MSGS INVITES   ignores MSGs and INVITES from BigCheese.     ignore *@* ALL -NOTES   ignores all types of messages except NOTES from anyone from CMU.

  You may also specify a + before any message type to cause messages   of that type from that user to be displayed with the nickname   highlighted. (See SET HIGHLIGHT_CHAR) For example:     ignore *Cheese* +MSGS   will cause all MSGs from anyone with Cheese in their nickname   to appear with their nickname highlighted.     ignore * +PUBLIC +NOTES   will highlight all PUBLIC messages and NOTES received. The + has no   effect with the user@host name format.

  If you specify a ^ before a message type, then messages from the   matching nicknames will be displayed no matter what. This allows   you to exclude certain nicknames from larger matching lists. For   example:     ignore * MSG     ignore BigCheese ^MSG   This will ignore private messages from everyone except BigCheese.      All forms of IGNORE use the - to remove ignore attributes,   and the type NONE will remove the user from the list   completely.

  All forms of IGNORE will match against the nickname with the   most true matching characters. What this means is if you have:     ignore BigCheese MSGS     ignore * +ALL   Then MSG's from BigCheese will be ignored, and all other types   of messages from BigCheese will be unaffected. All messages   of all types from any other user will be highlighted.

See Also:   set/highlight_char

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