ircII help - join

Usage: JOIN [-INVITE|<channel_list> []]

  Changes your current channel to the channel specified.   If no parameters are given, your current channel is displayed.

  Channel names begin with a # or & and may contain any character   except space, carriage return, null and line feed. For example,   #My_Channel, # or #!@$%^&* are valid channel names.   Channel names beginning with the character '&' are local to your server.

  If the specified channel does not already exist, it will be created.   Otherwise, if MODE +k <key> is enabled on the channel, you will have to   supply the <key> to complete join.

Available flags:   -INVITE     If the -INVITE switch is used, you will join the channel that you were     last INVITED to. Or, if we wish to be grammatically correct,     you will join the channel to which you were last invited.

Note:   Joining a channel does not cause you to leave your previous   channel unless NOVICE is set to ON. See set/novice   If you have NOVICE off, it is possible to join several channels   at the same time.. with     join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3   You must use commas and no spaces to separate the channel names.

  channel and join are identical.

See Also:   set/novice   mode for information about changing channel characteristics.

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