ircII help - kick

Usage: KICK *|<channel> []

  Kicks specified user off a given channel. Only channel operators   are privileged to use this command. Channel operator privileges   can be given to other users of channel using:     mode <channel> +o   and taken away with:     mode <channel> -o   KICK * <user> is just like the first usage but it always specifies   the current channel. So     KICK * idiot   will kick 'idiot' off your current active channel.

  kick can be very effective if used in a combination with     mode #channel +i   and possibly     mode #channel +b.   First line of defense should be ignore and kick then then the   channel can be made invite only, and if all else fails a person   can be banned from the channel.     The <comment> is to supply some reason for the kick to the user   affected as well as to other people on your channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Be careful with your use of KICK and MODE #channel -o   as they can throw the network permanently out of sync. This   generally occurs when two people are bickering about channel op   status and de-op each other. This generates 'Fake MODE' notices   which are an indication that something is wrong. The best way   to avoid this is to not use ON and MODE together.

See Also:   mode   ignore

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