ircII help - kill

Usage: KILL <nickname>

  Removes a person from irc. This is an operator command   and should be used with extreme caution (if at all). The   comment is necessary to let others the reason for the kill.   If you don't give a comment, you will probably be bombarded   with messages saying "why the kill?"

  Regarding so called 'ghosts'. These are generated typically when   someone accidently does a shell escape out of irc, (see BIND STOP_IRC)   and they start a new process. They think the old one is a 'ghost'.   The way to get rid of these ghosts is to quit the current session   and type 'ps -gx' or 'ps -f' at the unix command prompt.   This will generate a listing looking something like.     unix> ps -gx       PID TT STAT TIME COMMAND     15472 p8 S 1:20 irc Daemon   Where all the user has to do now is type     unix> kill -9 15472   and the problem is fixed. This is preferable to the IRC KILL command   which is not 100% effective. kill -9 is.

  If you cannot manage to get the above to work, try typing at the unix   command prompt:     kill -9 -1   This will often kill all your processes, then you only have to log in again.

  With the advent of auto-reconnecting clients kill is almost   totally worthless as a tool for punishment. More effective   methods to deal with obnoxious people are the ignore, kick   and various mode's on channels, such as +i and +b.

See Also:   mode   ignore

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