ircII help - lastlog

Usage: LASTLOG [<flag>] [] [ []]]

       LASTLOG <-SAVEALL|-LOADALL>   Displays the contents of the lastlog. This is a list of the   most recent messages that have appeared on the screen. LASTLOG   is useful to redisplay the screen if you inadvertantly do a   clear or miss messages for other reasons. The second form   is used to save and restore entire lastlog histories. See below   for extra information about them.

  If no arguments are given, the entire lastlog is displayed. If a <pattern>   argument is given, only with <pattern> in them are displayed. If the   first argument is a number, it determines how many log entries to show,   or if searching for a pattern, how many entries to search. Otherwise it   is searched for in every lastlog entry. The second argument determines how   many lines back to start display from. Thus     lastlog 4 8   Shows 4 lines of the lastlog, starting at line 8... lines 8,   9, 10, 11 are displayed. Furthermore:     lastlog bigcheese   displays only those lastlog entries that contain the word "bigcheese".   The following will, starting at line 4 searching for 8 lines, search   for lastlog entires that contain the word "phone".     lastlog phone 8 4

Available flags:   You can further limit the display of the lastlog by specifying   one of the following flags:     -PUBLIC Normal channel messages     -MSG Private messages     -NOTICE Notices     -NOTE Notes     -WALL Walls     -WALLOP Wallops     -CRAP Anything not included in the other categories     -LITERAL Make the follow a pattern always, not a number     -SAVE <file> Save to the named file instead of displaying

  The lastlog will only display messages of the type specified   by the flag.

  The -SAVEALLflag is similar to -SAVE except that it does   not use any of the matching flags and saves the entire history in a   special format that is reloadble using the -LOADALL flag. The   saved file has a timestamp, a message level and the message itself,   as well as a version header for the file. Note that the -LOADALL   flag by overwrites the current window lastlog.    See Also:   set/lastlog   set/lastlog_level

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