ircII help - list

Usage: LIST [<flag> []] []

  LIST gives you a listing of channels which includes channel name,   number of users, and a topic (if one is set). If no channel   is specified, all channels are shown, otherwise only channels   that match are displayed (the channel may contain wildcards)   If the channel given is the character "*" LIST only returns the   information for the current channel.   The displayed list may also be limited by using one or more of   the following flags: -MIN n When n the minimum number of user. Channels with less than n users are not shown. -MAX n When n the maximum number of user. Channels with more than n users are not shown. -PUBLIC Only shows Public channels -PRIVATE Only shows Private (*) channels -ALL Overrides previous -PUBLIC and/or -PRIVATE -TOPIC Show channels with topic set -WIDE Shows channel names and sizes in as little space as possible. Listing can be sorted using: -NAME Sort by name of the channel -USERS Sort by number of users in the channel

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