ircII help - me

Usage: ME <action description>

  or <your_nickname>

  This command can be used to send a description of what you are doing   or how you are feeling or just about anything concerning you, to the   current channel or query. When I type:     me opens up the fridge   is supposed to produce a line on my talking partners'screens stating:     * Lynx opens up the fridge.

  You can also use your own nickname as command, that is you can type the   line with a leading slash, like this:     lynx reaches out for the orange juice   Hopefully resulting into:     Lynx reaches out for the orange juice.

  This command makes use of CTCP and is not understood by all IRC programs.   If you get an error message, your description has not arrived properly.

See Also:   describe   load/action   load/mudlike   ctcp   ctcp/action

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