ircII help - msg

Usage: MSG <nicknames>||%|=||

       MSG [-server <server>]   Sends a private message to the nicknames or list of nicknames   specified. A list of nicknames should by separated by commas   (no spaces). Four special case nicknames are defined. If the   nickname is "," (a comma), the message is sent to the last   person who sent you a msg. If the nickname is "." (a   period), the message is sent to the last person to whom you   sent a message. If the nickname is "*" the message is send to   the current channel. If the nickname is """ (doublequote), the   action is same as if you had used /QUOTE instead.

  The second form allows you to specify a channel name to which   to send the message. The message will go to everyone on that   channel.

  The third form specifies an EXEC process id to send output to.

  The fourth form allows you to specify a dcc/chat connection over   which to send the message. The nick specifies the nickname under   which the connection was established.

  The sixth form lets you specify a process number to which the   message will go, where n is the process number. This works   just like the exec -IN command. For example:     msg %1 Homina homina homina   will send the text to process 1. Process 1 must be running   already using a previous call to exec.        The last form allows messages of the type msg COMMAND <message>   which allows you to send a message to some command. Try MSG /ECHO blue   This is meant to be used with query primarily.

  In ICB mode, the <nicknames>| parameter will be assumed   to be a single nickname as ICB groups and users can comma's in them   and additionally, an ICB group may be called the same as a user. In   this case /MSG name message will always be sent to the user   rather than a group called name.

  There is also a use of wildcards for operators.     MSG $*.edu   will address all users having .edu in their serverinfo.     MSG #*.edu   will address all users having .edu at the end of their host name.

  To send a message to a target that might be attached to a different   server than the current one, use the -server flag. You can specify   a server name, number or group.   See Also:   set/beep_on_msg   exec   quote

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