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                             ircII 20180609


from: @(#)eterna: NEWS,v 1.139 2017/09/13 23:23:41 mrg Exp

Changes in ircII 20170913:

  o new /lastlog commands -saveall and -loadall that save and load the

     current window's lastlog, allowing session restoring

  o new REFRESH_WINDOW_LASTLOG binding that will fully redraw the

     current window, using data from the lastlog, leaving it in a

     scrollable manner

  o fix bug in 20170404 and tabkey with nicks longer than 7 chars

Changes in ircII 20170704:

  o fixes for the OSX fixes in 20170606

Changes in ircII 20170606:

  o new window resizer now works, can get the old one at compile time with

     --with-default-resize-method=old configure option

  o more fixes for OSX and @-style assignment

  o fix a window rebalance when not resizing bug

Changes in ircII 20170128:

  o fix crashes on OSX in complex scripts using []

  o fix reconnecting channels moving windows

Changes in ircII 20151120:

  o fix a program hang upon invalid utf-8 sequences

  o /set log and /window log no longer double the output

  o /lastlog no longer adds trailing ^Os to log files

Changes in ircII 20150903:

  o ircII now uses the final column of the display

  o contrib/noansi.c is a program to remove ANSI C colours

Changes in ircII 20150222:

  o fix irc "realname" handling

  o fix SWITCH_CHANNELS binding

  o revert to old window size change handling for now

Changes in ircII 20141028:

  o fix a new colour selection issue

  o fix bugs in new window resize code

  o fix compilation issues on NetBSD 5.x

  o fixes to option handling

Changes in ircII 20140824:

  o HTTP proxy support for connecting to an IRC server has been added.

     please see the PROXY/ and NO_PROXY/ prefixes for server names, the

     new -R command switch and the new -proxy option for both /server

     and /window server

  o /wait without -cmd is no longer supported

  o 4 new /set variables have been introduced to specify various

     types of SSL certificate and keys: SSL_CA_CHAIN_FILE, SSL_CA_FILE,

     SSL_CA_PATH and SSL_CA_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE. these can be used to

     use different certificates, chains and private keys than the openssl


  o add new "-e protocol level" option to set the default SSL level

     for individual protocols. currently only supports IRC

  o SSL support has been added for IRC. new -ssl, -sslnocheck, and

     -nossl options to /window server and /server

     use the --without-openssl flag to ./configure to build if openssl

     is missing

Changes in ircII 20140317:

  o support for $"..." prompting input has been removed. please use

     the /input command instead

  o support for /wait without -cmd is marked obsolete and will be

     removed in the next release. please use /wait -cmd instead

  o ircII now depends upon C99 compiler environment

  o autoconf 2.69 is now used to generate ./configure

  o support for Andrew Mail System has been removed

  o support for non-POSIX signals has been removed

  o /who with filter options, as well as /wait and other commands like

     /userhost should now work concurrently on different servers

  o provide more error on failed connections in some cases

  o make IRCHOST and irc -h <host> also take a :port, and also support

     [] style addresses

  o add some ./configure flags for developers

  o fix some problems with /window add and /query on the same nick

  o fix some deficiencies in the utf-8 support

  o unfinished /stack command removed

  o fix input scrolling when typing more than the screen width

     also remove excessive cursor movement for input

  o bugs fixed in multi-screen support; wserv no longer exits upon

     a size change, and several potential fd-leaks plugged

Changes in ircII 20131230:

  o re-add the utf-8 changes now that the scrolling is not slowed

  o scrolling is much faster now

  o fix compile time errors in on modern glibc systems

  o add /nuser command

  o wserv and ircio move into "libexec" dir.

Changes in ircII 20110228:

  o /on channel_signoff works again

  o try to split ICB messages at word boundaries

  o disallow many IRC commands on ICB

  o /ping works on ICB

  o revert the utf-8 changes for large lastlog performance reasons.

     there should be a re-implementation coming in the future.

  o make /on nickname, /on channel_nick, $chanusers() and $onchannel()

     work with ICB.

  o make /save save /ignore'd things

Changes in ircII 20060725:

  o remove dead /set use_old_msg variable

  o lex is no longer required for any part of ircII

  o fixed /set irchost vs /set irc_encoding problem

  o default status line now tells you when you are scrolled up

  o new variables status_scrolled and status_scrolled_lines

  o new status format modifiers %P and %s

  o fixed a bug with the input prompt being overtaken

  o /set translation has been removed. all encoding support now depends

     on the existance of iconv(3) support, enhancing the capabilities and

     correctness of codeset conversion. the translation and iso2022_support

     variables have been replaced with input_encoding, display_encoding

     and irc_encoding

  o /msg -server <servergroup|servername|number>

     now works to send message on specific servers ie, other than the

     current window's server

  o support new $IRCSERVERSFILE that overrides $LIBDIR/ircII.servers

Changes in ircII 20040820:

  o /msg . now works for ICB mode as well

  o /topic now works by default for ICB

  o fix building on SunOS4 with GCC

Changes in ircII 20040216:

  o various documentation updates

  o ircii now requires an ANSI C compiler (such as GCC) to compile

  o new /set switch_to_quiet_channels that allows switch_channels binding

     to ignore "quiet" channels.

  o fixed the --without-emacs-meta-keys option to really be the default

  o /hush support in ICB

  o new example script ``multichan'' for maintaining multiple server

     and channel configurations.

  o renamed /ON ICB_MOTD to ICB_CMDOUT and fixed it as well

  o removed old "SED" useless encryption

  o add /ON TOPIC support for ICB

  o builds on solaris out-of-box again

Changes in ircII 20030709:


  o turned on SO_REUSEADDR for most connections

  o /DCC RAW works when disconnected again

  o several bugs fixed

  o new /set dccport and /set bind_local_dcchost variables to give

     the user full control over how dcc requests are sent.

  o new /on os_signal to give user-access to receiving UNIX signals

  o /set beep_on_msg now works for ICB messages and groups (public)

  o the --without-emacs-meta-keys configure option is now the default

  o the emacs meta key bindings for M-b and M-d were fixed

Changes in ircII 20030315:

  o fixed several display and status bugs introduced in 20030314

Changes in ircII 20030314:

  o server's added by /server are no longer removed if they fail to connect

  o SEVERAL REMOTE HOLES FIXED in ctcp, status & other code

  o fix ICB /msg to names starting with a /. you can now /msg \/oink to send

     a message to "/oink". if you previously were able to /msg \oink you now

     have to /msg \\oink

  o arithmetic "|" now works properly

  o fix ICB /msg with a user the same name as the channel

  o fix ICB group's and user's with comma's in them

  o /notify and /timer always go to level crap now

  o fix nickname response lossage

  o fix $connect() which was broken recently

  o fix "irc -h" which was broken recently

  o fix "dcc close raw" which was broken recently

Changes in ircII 20021103:

  o fix random bugs

  o fix a problem with new ICB group name changes message format

  o new /on icb_who and /on icb_motd

  o all high control chars should be now properly filtered avoiding

     pretend output

  o fix help page bugs

  o fix meta5, meta6, meta7 and meta8, which behaved as if you had always

     hitten them once you had (ie sticky forever)

  o avoid crashes in /help

Changes in ircII 20020912:

  o /join group can now move an ICB group to a different window

  o add ICB support for /join -force and /join -invite

  o echoing bold / inverse / underline chars immediately after one

     another now works properly in all cases

  o DCC and IPv6 now works. ircII can DCC CHAT via IPv6 with irssi

  o new /set dcchost to change the dcc source host. this changes what

     the -H flag sets at start up

  o IPv6 support split into pure-IPv6 and new socket API support, with

     replacements for the latter being provided if they do not exist

     PLEASE NOTE: this may cause ./configure or build failures due to

     gethostbyname(), getaddrinfo(), getnameinfo(), freeaddrinfo(),

     inet_pton() or inet_ntop() lossage. please report via ircbug

  o /dcc talk, /dcc summon, and /dcc tmsg are no longer supported

  o /on ctcp_reply, /on notice, /on encrypted_notice and /on flood all

     now provide the target of the /on as $1. PLEASE NOTE: this will

     affect old scripts. use if (V > 20020902) to check for the new


  o nearly all reported bugs fixed

  o /xecho -level should now work for channel traffic as well. PLEASE

     NOTE: this will probably cause some messages to go to a different

     window now than they used to - possibly a bug! please report any

     such changes that do not seem correct

  o connections to multi-homed hosts not listening on all IP addresses

     now works in all cases

  o new /setenv & /unsetenv commands

  o /log core dump fixes

  o help file fixes

  o new `fkeys' script to make it possible to bind function keys

  o irc -t is now the default. use -T to get ti/te sequences

  o long ICB messages are now always split up correctly

  o various minor bug fixes

  o 2.8script/newaway/default scripts "n.o" alias unified

Changes in ircII 20020403:

  o new /on dcc_list hook, for /dcc list output

  o /dcc list bug fixed

  o status clock gets very slow bug fixed

  o fix /window new server channel #foo,foo

  o fix build problem on BSD/OS 4.3

  o new --disable-non-blocking to turn off non blocking connects

  o new /load autoquery, to automatically create a new query window

     when /msg'ing. apparently like mIRC

  o /whois works on ICB again

  o multi-server connections should work much better now, including

     when loaded from a script

  o new help file for /window where, missing since forever

  o server "." refers to the last connected server in this window, eg

     `/window server .' and `/server .'

Changes in ircII 20020322:

  o fix a severe bug in several window information functions

Changes in ircII 20011210:

  o /save -all works properly now

  o new server server groups can be listed in $IRCSERVER by prefixing

     :group: to the server name, eg, IRC/

  o fix /set status_voice

  o add /server -group, allowing proper multi-network configuration

  o fix tabkey for people who join channels

  o fix many $functions() to work properly in multi-server context, and

     no longer use the current window

  o enhance $ignored()

  o add missing docs for /set tab, decrypt_program, show_stars and


  o new /on window_list for /window list output hookery

  o /window create now takes -xterm and -screen flags to force either a

     xterm or screen window to be created, rather than forcing the choice

  o /on flood support for ICB

  o fixes for server passwords

  o fix for linking on solaris

  o don't send notices that are flooding as if they are public notices

  o bug fix to keep track of my own nickname

  o /on foo will now show fuzzy matches again "foo" instead of complaining

     about ambiguity

  o /window create should work properly now, no i really mean it this time

  o random bug fixes

  o /window create windows now have input buffers that do not interfere

     with each other

  o new $filestat() function

  o /timer is now sub-second aware

  o raw DCC core dump bug fixes

Changes in ircII 20020321:

  o new /on raw_send

  o new /exec -filter option

  o fixed mIRC colour code handling

  o enhanced redirection to multiple targets

  o bug fix for $mid()

  o bug fix for when resizing to a smaller window

  o other bug fixes

Changes in ircII 20010612:

  o dcc source address can be edited (usable with masquerade)

  o japanese support (ISO2022_SUPPORT)

  o new /set star_prefix to replace the standard "*** " prefix

  o new $windows(), $screens(), $notify() and $ignored() functions

  o fixes for /nick problems

  o new /set status_voice variable associated with new status_format

     modifier %v, and voice on the current channel

  o many bugs fixes

  o /me support for ICB

  o new AES/rijndael cipher (CBC mode) available

  o ircII is now version as YYYYMMDD only

  o new command line option -t to disable termcap ti/te sequences

  o new /window nostatus for no status line at all

  o new /set hide_channel_keys variable

  o new /set {fore,back}ground_colour variables

  o new /set xterm_geomoptstr variable

  o no more (insecure) ``priviledge port'' support

  o scrollback no longer goes beyond the end of the lastlog history

  o new /cat command

  o new $chatpeers() function

  o new /set make_notice_msg variable

  o /encrypt -showkeys option added

  o lastlog level HELP added

  o more bugs fixed

  o additional /bind-able metakeys: meta5_character,

     meta6_character, meta7_character, meta8_character

  o forward and backward scroll *really* works!

  o scrolling directly to the start also works!

  o most /ignore requests are now honoured by the ICB mode

  o new /set no_ask_password variable added

  o new /set xterm_path variable added

  o new /set irchost variable added

  o IPv6 [se:ve:er]:port support added

  o translation table support in dumb mode

  o new $wincols() and $winrows() functions which return the

     number of columns and rows in this window

  o /set auto_unmark_away fixed after many years

  o bunches of bugs fixed

  o if /dcc get fails due to local permissions, the offer is not

     removed any longer, allowing the problem to be fixed

  o +c (colourless) and +R (registered users only) channel modes

  o IRC 2.10 !channels supported

  o vasprintf(3) support

  o aliases of dynamic sizes!

  o channels *really* should stay attached to windows properly

     and hang around after reconnects, etc

  o /join bug is gone

  o new /on window_swap that is triggered when you swap windows

  o /window bind has original behaviour; stick to windows not


  o ICB support extended

  o IPv6 support has been integrated

  o added hasvoice() and dcclist() functions. See help

  o .ircquick file support for separate files to be executed

     between and after connection to server

  o standard GNU configure --srcdir and object directory support

     has been added

  o many more bugs have been fixed

  o $servertype() function has been added, which returns ICB or IRC,

     including server version

  o SOCKS version 5 support has been added

  o ICB support had been added

  o CAST-128 support has been changed from EBC mode to CBC mode,

     which makes it incompatible with interium releases of 4.4-Lite

  o bugs fixed all over the place

  o colour support added

  o bugs in crypto code fixed. now works without crashing

  o /exec -target ($T) works

  o "window query" works

  o new functions winvis() and querynick()

  o allow "window channel #chan,key" to work

  o various flash-style attacks have been fixed

  o /timer, and several variables are now aware of the current

     server context

  o several translation tables have been updated and added

  o broken servers are handled better

  o long nick names are supported

  o many bugs have been fixed

  o support for irc2.10 has been added

  o messages typically always go the right window now, rather than

     just most of the time

  o the paranoid may now easily turn of returning information

     about oneself to various ctcp commands with --with-paranoid

  o several enhancements to the encryption system:

     - the old external program interface is changed to not leak

       information via the command line

     - a CAST-128 implementation has been added to provide strong

       encryption for both normal IRC channels, messages, and also

       DCC chat connections

     - several bugs fixed

  o ircII is now under a BSD-style copyright. thanks to troy rollo

     and mike sandrof for helping this process so much, so quickly!

  o fix core dumps in /queue

  o documentation enhancements

  o new script `nocolour' for dealing with mIRC-style colour codes

  o fix several configuration time problems

  o fix the "encryption_program"

  o expand ctcp to dcc. queries only, no replies. dcc send, actions,

     ctcp UTC, etc. work. prints more information when connecting

  o fixes stupid "channel leave" bug

  o add new configure switch `--paranoid' which turns of then uname

     and finger information returned in ctcp version and finger replies

  o avoid buffer overflows in dcc chat code, as noted on bugtraq

  o fix problems with ctcp encryption

  o setting the logfile will expand `~user' expressions

  o fix the $rindex() function

Changes in ircII 4.4:

  o tabkey works with nicknames with \'s in them

  o muchly updated /window server and /window channel system

  o more robust autoconfiguration

  o lots of bugs fixed

  o `idle()' functions returns idle time

  o `/dcc rename -chat old new' renames a dcc chat connection

  o `/set same_window_only' places channels in windows more often

  o `&' is expanded in GCOS fields, as per BSD

  o ctcp flood handling done in a more sane manner

  o non blocking connects (use -DNON_BLOCKING_CONNECTS). ircII will

     attempt to figure out if this is available or not automatically,

     when configuring

  o new window commands `addgroup', and `delgroup'. these allow you

     to define a group of windows, such that they are always connected

     to the same server

  o new `ircbug' shell command for reporting bugs

  o SOCKS support

  o new `imap' script

  o new log level `BEEP'

  o dcc works with `/server localhost', again

  o `/set HELP_PATH' now works with ~user expansion

  o lots and lots and lots of bug fixes

  o new `undernet' script to make ircII understand extras

  o a bunch of general bug fixes. most of the submitted-via-ircbug (the

     correct way!) have been fixed, or at least closely analyzed

  o DYNAMIC_SLIP is not longer available, due to ircII simply handling

     the case properly now

  o `/window create' might be stabler. really this time

  o removed `/set help_service' support from ircII

  o added `help' script to replace `/set help_service' support

  o almost all gcc -Wall warnings on a sane system fixed

  o help files are once again distributed with ircII

  o windows now default to having level of `NONE'

  o better error reporting in some circumstances

  o renamed `ircserv' to `ircio' due to continued believe that `ircserv'

     was actually an IRC server

  o `/server .' should reconnect to the server last connected in this


  o fully prototyped source tree

  o each window can have two status lines, using `/window double', and

     the new `STATUS_FORMAT1' and `STATUS_FORMAT2' varaibles

  o new variable `SAME_WINDOW_ONLY' that controls how disconnected

     channels are placed (if at all) in other windows

  o ircII no longer use lex/flex in the build process

  o `/notify' can be more verbose

  o `irc -b' loads the .ircrc before connecting to a server. beware

  o irc 2.9 support

  o many many new translation tables, polish, russian, etc

  o hopefully more consistant message levels

  o `/window server', `/server', then `IRCSERVER' variable, and command

     line server lists all support the server:port:password:nickname


  o `/window sticky <on|off>' to control whether channels follow server

     changes, etc

  o new `/squery' and `/servlist' commands, for ircd 2.9.x

  o annoying bug in `/server -delete' fixed

  0 several more bugs fixed

  o window scroll now works better

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