ircII help - query

Usage: QUERY [<nicknames>|%n|/]

  Starts a private conversation with <nicknames>. All text you   type that would normally be sent to your channel now goes to   <nicknames> in the form of MSGs. To cancel a private   conversation, use QUERY with no arguments. The %n arguments   allows you to send the query text to a process number n. The   process must have already been started using a previous call   to exec. It's also possible to query someone on a   dcc connection with query =nickname.   Another form has been added which allows you to send messages to   the specified command with the format query /COMMAND   and everything you type will be parsed by that /command. Can be   an alias or anything you like. Note that when querying a command,   you may need to use XECHO -WINDOW to ensure output goes to the   right place.   If "*" is given as a nickname the output is sent to the current   channel.

See Also:   exec   window/query

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