ircII help - who

Usage: WHO [-switch [<arg>]] []

  Gives a listing of the users on irc. If no flags are   specified, the wildcard expression you supply will   match any field returned by WHO. However, if the wildcard   expression is "*" (an asterisk), the users on the current   channel are shown. Note that who * will fail if you   are not on a channel. If the expression is 0, all users on   irc are shown. The following switches are also recognized   and used to limit the listing:     -OPERATORS - lists only operators     -LUSERS - lists only non operators     -CHOPS - lists only channel operators     -NAME <username> - lists only people with matching                             user-ids     -FILE <filename> - lists only people listed in the file     -HOST - Lists users from the specified host.     -SERVER - Lists users from the specified server.     -HERE - Lists only those marked as here.     -AWAY - Lists only those marked away.     -NICK - Match only the given nickname

  The switches may be abbreviated unambiguously. All matching of   usernames, hostnames, and servernames may contain wildcards (*).   Wildcards in the form "*.edu" are also correctly recognized   by the IRC server (so there's no need for ircII to do that).

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